Basketball Hoop
 Project Change the Game


Project Change the Game is a leading after school youth enrichment program that uses sports to teach kids indispensable life lessons. Our program focuses on three key areas of success: a Positive mindset, Self-discipline, and a Plan of Action. Students  earn how these principles can be a game changer in their lives.



Our group training sessions offer athletes an unique opportunity to build skills  develop mental toughness and gain the confidence necessary to become a top notch player.  Our groups promotes a 1:6 coach to player ratio to offer maximum focus  and repetitions for the athlete.  

 One on One training


Our 1-on-1 training sessions elevates what is being taught in our group sessions. A specifically crafted plan is develop for the athlete to help sharpen specific skills, position enhancement, and increasing basketball IQ.

 "We strive to give players the best coaching and instruction available to improve  their overall skills"

 Coach Corey